Kalipay Playlist / July Edition


I am an avid fan of rap songs. Growing up with a fondness towards a variety of musical genres, I believe rappers are people set apart for such musicality and linguistic prowess. They are blessed with a whole lotta different brand of creativity mixed with heaven-sent-lexicon. 

In another life, I think I’d pursue rapping.

Given that, I’d be all the more interested when rap songs are theologically sound and are filled with Christ-centered meditations. Here are 5 rappers I’d like to introduce to you.

  1. Chrys Jones

I found Chrys Jones through Shai Linne’s tweet. Chrys Jones offers us some Christ-centered hip-hop music.  (https://chrysjones.bandcamp.com)


2. God’s Servant

I am not really familiar with God’s Servant, but I like this one as it is all about Jim Elliot. 


3. Shai Linne

Shai Linne is so far my favorite among the Theologically-sound rappers. These two songs are my favorites:



If it wasn’t for the Spirit’s mysterious operation
We would all be under serious condemnation
I’d still be rejecting His Son
If God hadn’t said “Let there be light” like Genesis 1
And just like the light could not refuse to shine
Irresistible grace renewed my mind
Let’s exalt the King who died and truly is risen
The new birth is not the effect of human decision
But the cause- it changes our natural habitation
And situation, it’s a radical transformation
I was cursed and polluted so my dirt was inexcusable
With new internal pupils His Person is beautiful
His worth is indisputable- the Lamb is amazing
A standing ovation for His work in the crucible
So let us respond with true worship and love
To the God who has given new birth from above!


4. Trip Lee

To be honest, I’m not really fully into Trip Lee’s songs. It’s not as sound as Shai Linne’s or Chrys Jones. But here is a sample anyway.


5. Lecrae

I started with Lecrae. Background was the first Christian rap song I’ve heard. After that was Toby Mac, and then I began exploring Christian rappers. But throughout the years, Lecrae is in slow fade when it comes to the mention of the gospel and other biblical themes in his songs.  Makes me sad, really. Nevertheless, here are my top three faves:


If you have suggestions, please do drop me a message! Or comment!


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